"but is that shit classy?"


Presumably Jekyll had to dance around revealing embarrassing personal secrets and declaring, “I am a soulless bureaucrat whore! England is a land of the damned! Our mountains are far inferior to yours!”


Dr. Lanyon dump part 2!

Lanyon and Jekyll now have a fairly elaborate backstory going on. They have been BFFs since college, and some years before the story, Lanyon helped Jekyll through a fairly intense period of depression. (Slightly complicated by Lanyon’s stated belief that suicides are a “great inconvenience to one’s friends and family”). 

Jekyll really looks up to Lanyon and values his friendship above nearly everything else. I keep toying with the possibility of giving him a canon unrequited crush, but A) while Jekyll is bisexual, he is crazy closeted and super unaware of his needs and desires in general, and B) I’m not so hot on writing yet another tragic unrequited gay love story. Plus: C) I’m just bad at writing romance of any kind lololololol. 


Second in a planned series exploring the wildlife of Jekyll’s London. (The first being the Church Grim.)

Jasper studies supernatural creatures and the way they have adapted to the march of industry in the last century. She specializes in creatures which have found ways to coexist with humans in urban environments (basically, they have to be small, breed rapidly, and really like rolling around in garbage.)

This guy is basically a pigeon on fire.


Some new drawings of Jasper Kaylock, the werewolf cryptobiologist! Her role has expanded quite a lot in the current draft and she may actually have the most growth of all the characters in the story. The Mako Mori-ish character, in a way. But covered in a lot more dirt and with way more binding.

She makes a good scientist and a pretty effective leader by the end of the story, but she’s a pretty shitty werewolf from beginning to end.


Third set of Jasper drawings!

1) Jasper (as she appears in her first meeting with Jekyll)

2) Jasper moving in


Anonymous asked:
Is there any chance of us seeing Jasper’s werewolf form any time soon? I’m really excited for it!

Haha yes but you will probably be a little disappointed 8D;

I can sort of design derpy versions of magical creatures, but actual serious not-cartoon animals are really hard for me! Plus there’s the whole debate of “should a werewolf look more like a wolf or more of a human-wolf hybrid?” to which I reply, “it doesn’t matter, because I can’t draw either of those things.” In the end I just had Dana redline the heck out of my drawing.

This is mostly a first pass-ideally Jasper’s wolf form should be emaciated and mangy looking!


Last week I tried to hunker down and iron out a decent model sheet for Hyde, who is consistently the hardest character for me to draw. I definitely didn’t succeed in figuring him out but I did get some sloppy notes that cover some of the rules that govern his character!

Little did the people of London know that the answer to the yellow-haired menace was: “Throw a blanket over it! :<”


More Hyde pose notes! These are mostly dealing with Hyde as Jekyll perceives him in various parts of the story. He actually gets much scarier (in … ways I haven’t drawn out yet) as he is forced to learn more and more creative ways of manipulating Jekyll. As you can see, his early attempts to be OMG!!!! SO SCARY!!!!! don’t impress Jekyll too much.